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Still working on learning to design graphics in Illustrator using the tracing technique.  Will not presume to write a tutorial on how to do this. Just not skilled enough to be telling anyone how to trace with Illustrator. You can find countless tutorials on the web. The one used as a basic guide for tracing the Chanel sunglasses used for this object can be found here

We grabbed an image of a pair of Chanel sunglasses from Google images and followed Steps 1 and 2 to set it up for tracing. After that it was pretty much trial and error.

Tip: You can try using Effect->Stylize->Rounded Corners to soften the edges of your shapes; but keep in mind that this will not work for all scenarios. It works best for shapes that do not have 4 distinct corners. Feel free to share if you know a more effective way of softening edges in Illustrator.

Self grade: D+

Technically these buttons were only adjusted in photoshop. The main button was designed in Illustrator following the tutorial found here. Our finished buttons aren’t as glossy and perfect looking as the ones on the tutorial site,  but they’re still usable and you can download and use them all in any way you see fit. They are pretty big buttons so you’ll need to re-size to suit your needs. The canvas size for each is 605 pixels by 299 pixels.


Download free photoshop glass buttons

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