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Producer is a highly flexible free WordPress theme that can be used to build a standard blog or a magazine style blog. Producer provides an attractive default theme which you can use as is. For even greater flexibility use the premium CSS styling tool  to change background color, add background images, change font colors, sizes, styles and completely change your site’s design without editing a single line of code. With the CSS styling tool you can create an unlimited number of unique designs based on the Producer mainframe. (This site uses the Producer theme. The CSS Styling tool was used to modify the design)

Run Producer in static mode to use the out of the box design or switch to widgets to drag and drop featured categories where you want them and mix them up with your other widgets to achieve the look you want for your site.

Run with 1 sidebar activated, both sidebars activated or no sidebars activated.

Place sidebars side by side to left of content, side by side to right of content or separated on left and right of content.

Control which sidebars appear on 404, index, search results single post pages and regular pages.

Magazine mode has 2 layout options.

Header section items ( logo/slogan row, horizontal menu row, search bar row, hidden leaderboard row) can be rearranged.

10 featured category slots available. Use only what you need. Sticky post, feed-burner and many more options.

The CSS styling tool is the only thing not included in the free package. As with any other theme, you can still edit the styles manually to achieve the look you want. The below is an example of a design done with the CSS Styling tool using Producer in non-magazine mode.

Example of a desgin done with the CSS Styling Tool

The CSS Styling tool has been created to make the task of changing the look of your theme as easy as entering the colors, sizes, image file URLs and other styling elements into a text box and pressing the submit button.   The CSS styling tool is pretty extensive as it aims to give you control over as many styling elements as possible. This means you can create completely new designs without having to change any code, which will make updating theme versions less of a hassle. It’s a lifesaver for anyone who doesn’t know how to edit PHP code and even for those who do but prefer a simpler, faster way of getting the job done.

Producer is in the first phase of it’s life. If you are using the theme and would like to help improve it please report any problems you are experiencing with it.

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