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To add new categories to your WordPress blog:

  1. Login to your dashboard
  2. Click on Posts
  3. Click on Categories
  4. Enter your category name into the Category Name input box
  5. Enter a category slug into the Category Slug input box. ** This step is not necessary. If you leave the box blank a slug will be automatically created based on your category name. ( A slug is the name of the page as displayed in the URL bar. For example if you visit, the slug would be wordpress-for-absolute-beginners
  6. Select the parent category (leave this set to None unless you are creating this category under another category to make it a sub-category)
  7. Add a category description (This step is not necessary. The field can be left blank. The majority of themes don’t have the code needed to make the description display so even if you add a category description, unless you are using a theme that comes already configured to show the description, the description will not be visible.
  8. Hit the Add Category button

You should now be able to view your category in your categories list when you go to make a post. You might not be able to see the category in the user side category menu until the category contains posts. It depends on your theme and how it’s setup to display categories. By default categories will only be visible to users if they have posts in them.

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