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What’s can you do with it?

  • Build a regular blog site with a three-column, two-column or one-column design
  • Build a magazine style blog with up to 10 featured categories showcased on the homepage plus numerous other options.

Options Quick Look

These are just some of the options you can control with Producer

  • Run in Blog Mode or Magazine Mode
  • Two magazine layout options
  • Use layouts in static or widgets mode ( Static means you use the layout as packaged. Widgets means you drag and drop the categories where you want them the same way you drag and drop sidebar widgets)
  • Add google analytics to footer
  • Use a graphic for your site title instead of text
  • Activate hidden leaderboard ad space
  • Position Leaderboard ad left of center
  • Position Sidebars side by side on left of content
  • Position Sidebars side by side on right of content
  • Position Sidebars on left and right of content
  • Control sidebars on Index page, single post page, static page, archives/categories page, 404 page, search results page (Each page can have different setup for sidebars)
  • Move around navigation menu row, leaderboard row, logo/tagline row, search box/rss links row
  • Hide search box/rss row if preferred
  • Hide navigation menu row if preferred
  • Hide tagline if preferred
  • Activate adsense in single post pages
  • Activate adsense in static pages
  • Configure feeburner to display subscription form (will need to drag and drop the widget into your sidebar)
  • Choose between pages and categories to display in navigation bar
  • Show or hide author date byline on index page, archives/categories page, search results page (each page uses own options so can show on one but hide on the other as needed)
  • In non-mgazine mode choose between index or excerpt on index page, search results page, archive/categories page

What’s the CSS Styling Tool?

The CSS Styling Tool allows you to completely change the look of your Producer site. If you want a different background color, if you want to use a background image, change the default font style, give each featured category section its own background color/image, remove the borders, change the border colors, change font colors, style the sidebars, style the post area, style the footer, change bullet styles… (This website is using the Producer Theme with the Styling Tool used to give it a different appearance from the default). Below are additional samples of styles designed with the Producer CSS Styling Tool. Snapshots from,, and Other snapshots created with Producer specifically for this showcase gallery. Click thumbnail for larger picture.

Can you change the styles without the CSS Styling tool?

As with any other theme, you can edit the CSS files to change the appearance of the theme manually. Keep in mind that the Producer CSS classes are saved in PHP files to accommodate the CSS Styling tool, so you will technically be editing PHP files. If you prefer to manually edit the files you can find them in includes/styles. The CSS Styling Tool was designed to make it possible for you to change the design of your site without having to edit any code, however it is not necessary to purchase the tool to achieve the look you want. If you prefer to manually edit the files, the files have been named to make it easy for you to recognize which files you need to edit for each area of the page that you want to change. If you need help finding a particular class leave a comment with your question and it will be answered as soon as possible.

Examples of Styles you can change with the CSS Styling Tool

Page Background – you can change the color of the background, use a background image if desired, set the image repeat status, change the font color, font family etc

Page header logo/tagline – you can change the font size, font color, set a background color or image etc.

Page Search bar ( you can change the RSS and RSS comments links to whatever you prefer, example link to facebook link to twitter. Provide the URL to your own icons, change the background color, change the border color, change the font color, transform text…

Post area – main post area end post entry areas can be modified to add background color, image, border, change font color etc.

Featured category blocks – each block can be modified to add a background color or image, font color, change bullet style etc.

Footer – change background color, font color…

Purchasing the CSS Styling Tool

The Producer Theme’s CSS Styling Tool can be purchased using the Buy Now Button below:

Or you can visit either Products Page or Buy Products

What the difference between widgets and static mode?

Widgets/Static option only applies when running in magazine mode.

In widgets mode you get to drag the featured category sections where you want them the same way you drag widgets to your sidebar.  You can mix them up with your other widgets to make your site look how you want it. This is a great way to control your site’s design. You can select “No Sidebar” for the Index page in magazine mode and use the widgetized areas to mix up your widget content.

In static mode you are using the theme’s default design.

133 Responses to “Producer Theme”

  1. I am new to wordpress and really like this theme. It is easy to use! However, my problem is that all of the links that are on my pages are no longer a different color (blue and underlined). Unless you scroll over them, they look like regular text. Is there a way to fix this?

  2. Is there any way to place a sidebar beside the slideshow in style 3?

    Also, my submit button for the search box is teeny tiny, what am I looking for to make a larger button?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Chuck, no, style3 is intentionally designed without sidebars. Actually, you could always go into the file and edit it manually to add the sidebar, but it was intentionally designed not to use sidebars

  3. Bought the CSS styling tool to work on some tweaks. Any chance you could give me a hand with the small search button?


    • Hi Chuck, I have found and fixed the problem with the search button. I’m working to get the fix released by the end of the day tomorrow. It will be released in version 2.1.9

  4. Hi –
    I’m using the Producer with Magazine turned on, and using widgets. I’m using the category icon plugin to display different category topics. I’d like to know how to manually change the width of “Home Column 1″, Col 2, and Col 3. I’ve tried various things within styles-thefrontpage.php, but without luck.

    This theme will replace a current site if I can get it working. I do not want to purchase the CSS too until I know the site will be approved, and that this theme is what we truly need.

    Thanks for your help.

    • jtai21, I don’t recommend you try to change the width of the columns unless you have a great deal of patience. Let’s say you change the width for the block that applies to Home Column 1 for example. You would do that in styles-thefrontpage.php, but there are a number of different conditions that determine the width of the space so you’d have to be able to follow the logic to adjust the width for each instance handled. Then after that you would need to go into the featured category files depending on which category you plan to place inside the block because you are likely going to need to adjust the specified width for the images used in that block as well. Buying the CSS tool will not help with adjusting the column widths. It does not provide the ability to adjust the column widths.

      If I could see an example of what you’re trying to do I might be better able to assist.

      • Hi –
        Thank you for your quick response. I think I managed to cheat or find where to change the column sizes. I only needed to make a few small adjustments to make the Home Column 1,2,3 widths so they were of approx equal size.

        the website is a temporary URL for testing purposes –

        What I’d like to do next is when I click within the Category Icons (for example Severance Agreements) – I’d like for it to go to that Page, and display all the posts (which are embedded YouTube videos) – is it possible for me to include a thumbnail of each video along with an excerpt?

        Essentially, I’m trying to set up a page similar to a video site like Hulu, YouTube, Vimeo etc

        Thanks again for your help!

  5. hi

    The producer theme is quite nice – - thanks for the efforts. And the CSS styling setup is also quite kewl. Ta

    have a few small issues.

    In the standard producer options you can set an header image. This works fine however I cannot delete it without leaving a space (the actual field in the form does not accept an empty entry after you have typed in an URL or even a space)

    This leaves the header text not formated.

    where in the database does the producer options get set – I can simply dump the entry there if need be.

    On another issue I am trying to use other means to produce rotating header images. I have a number of other plugins that work on other sites – ie Flash header image rotator
    Do you think it is possible to tweak this theme to allow it to work here?


  6. New England Vegan

    I absolutely love the producer theme and the css styling tool. I’ve been using the theme very happily for some time now, but after the most recent update Producer Google Analytics has stopped working. I checked in the appropriate place in “producer options” and the code was still in the Site Tracking Code box where it always has been and had been working fine. Not knowing what to do I went to my analytics account grabbed the code again, replaced it in the producer theme saved, waited a day, then two, kept checking and 0 visits have been showing in analytics since the day I updated the theme. I know this isn’t the case because I’ve received post comments, but show no visitors in analytics. The other odd thing is that when you test the code from analytics it claims to be receiving data. I’m confused. It may have nothing to do with the Producer theme and may be on Google’s end or something else entirely. I just thought I’d throw it out there in case there is an issue you may be unaware of at this point.

    • @New England Vegan, thank you for bringing this to my attention. There is indeed a problem in footer.php. I will get this updated shortly

  7. Hi

    Is there any way of reducing the thumbnails size featured on category 2?

    On previous Producer versions they were a bit smaller than they are now.

    I am also using the css styling tool.

  8. Hi, Thanks for the instructions on controlling thumbnail sizes.

    Now I have another problem. On featured category #1 the post excerpts are been displayed twice. How can I prevent this from happening? It only started to happen after I upgraded to the last producer version


  9. Hello, thanks for this great theme!
    I have the same problem of jpires, I see duplicated excerpts in the Featured Category #1.

    How can I fix it?

    Thanks in advance

  10. Thanks admin, I’ll wait for the fix.
    I have another problem: I can’t see any hover (from gray to red) on featured category title, except for featured category 1. Is it only a problem of mine?


  11. I fixed the hover problem:
    in every file styles-featuredx.php, except for the file styles-featured1.php, is missed the line:

    .featuredX h2 a:hover { color:#B50D04; }

  12. And in file styles-featuredx.php the following:

    .featured10 h2 {
    padding:10px 0px 0px 10px;

    should be corrected in:

    .featured10 h2 {


  13. Sorry, the correct file is styles-featured10.php


  14. Hi, it’s always me :D

    I have a problem with sticky posts… if I select “Sticky Posts default visibility” to “Show”, the stycky post in the homepage is always hidden.


  15. Is there a single php-file where you can change how the headers should look like or how lists (I would like ‘disc’ instead of none) are presented for that matter?

    • There isn’t one available for free. The CSS Styling Tool does this. To do it without the tool you would need to go into whichever file in the includes/styles folder handles the section you are trying to edit. Every effort has been made to give the files names that describe the section they apply to. If you need more hands-on assistance please feel free to contact directly.

  16. Hi admin , are there any news about the duplicated excerpts in the Featured Category #1 issue?


  17. Has anybody figured out how to add a Flash header to Producer?

  18. Is the category #1 excerpt duplication issue still being investigated? We’re having it at, and we’re on the latest version of the theme.

    Is there a known workaround?


  19. Hi admin, is the stycky post issue corrected in this relase?


    • sorry, did not get the sticky post checked for Overlooked it. Will get it fixed for the next update

  20. Love the ‘prodcuer’ theme though I’m not very techie. Wondering what to do about posts with bullets or numbered lists.

    The numbered items clump together. Not all of them but some. I suspect it has to do with the horizontal rows etc. Any help to fix this would be appreciated. Thanks susanann

  21. Hello. First off, congratulations for a great theme! I’m experimenting with it, trying to build a simple educational website, but I’ve encountered the double tagline problem, whenever I use layout modes 1-3. Tried downloading the fix, and extracting the file to the indicated location (working on a local machine, with Easy PHP), but it still doesn’t work. Am I supposed to do anything else? Thanks in advance for your help.

  22. How can I change the list of Interesting Sites to be my own one?

  23. Hi

    How can I, occasionally, post without the right sidebar?


  24. Hi – love this theme, thank you
    Am using it on
    Just have one question – in the left hand column (featured stories 1) the excerpt is repeated for each story, so appears twice. Doesnt happen with the other columns, and I can’t see anything in that category setup which is affecting it. Tried putting a different category into that column and the same thing happened – so the issue seems to be more likely with the php for that column than with something related to my content or categories. Any tips?

  25. Hello,
    I have a excp duplication issue as well. I did choose the layout 4, where it is not shown. My question, f I download the new version, do i lose the widgets and the setting?

    I also would love to change the colours, but would need some help. I would love to buy the css tool, but would be happy to learn how to do this without. Can you help?


  26. Hi,
    Producer is a nice template i ever use, but i have a little problem when resizing an image in a post. I’ve try to edit in HTML mode when editing post, but it didn’t work, still shows in default size. Any suggestion?
    thanks in advance…

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