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What’s can you do with it?

  • Build a regular blog site with a three-column, two-column or one-column design
  • Build a magazine style blog with up to 10 featured categories showcased on the homepage plus numerous other options.

Options Quick Look

These are just some of the options you can control with Producer

  • Run in Blog Mode or Magazine Mode
  • Two magazine layout options
  • Use layouts in static or widgets mode ( Static means you use the layout as packaged. Widgets means you drag and drop the categories where you want them the same way you drag and drop sidebar widgets)
  • Add google analytics to footer
  • Use a graphic for your site title instead of text
  • Activate hidden leaderboard ad space
  • Position Leaderboard ad left of center
  • Position Sidebars side by side on left of content
  • Position Sidebars side by side on right of content
  • Position Sidebars on left and right of content
  • Control sidebars on Index page, single post page, static page, archives/categories page, 404 page, search results page (Each page can have different setup for sidebars)
  • Move around navigation menu row, leaderboard row, logo/tagline row, search box/rss links row
  • Hide search box/rss row if preferred
  • Hide navigation menu row if preferred
  • Hide tagline if preferred
  • Activate adsense in single post pages
  • Activate adsense in static pages
  • Configure feeburner to display subscription form (will need to drag and drop the widget into your sidebar)
  • Choose between pages and categories to display in navigation bar
  • Show or hide author date byline on index page, archives/categories page, search results page (each page uses own options so can show on one but hide on the other as needed)
  • In non-mgazine mode choose between index or excerpt on index page, search results page, archive/categories page

What’s the CSS Styling Tool?

The CSS Styling Tool allows you to completely change the look of your Producer site. If you want a different background color, if you want to use a background image, change the default font style, give each featured category section its own background color/image, remove the borders, change the border colors, change font colors, style the sidebars, style the post area, style the footer, change bullet styles… (This website is using the Producer Theme with the Styling Tool used to give it a different appearance from the default). Below are additional samples of styles designed with the Producer CSS Styling Tool. Snapshots from,, and Other snapshots created with Producer specifically for this showcase gallery. Click thumbnail for larger picture.

Can you change the styles without the CSS Styling tool?

As with any other theme, you can edit the CSS files to change the appearance of the theme manually. Keep in mind that the Producer CSS classes are saved in PHP files to accommodate the CSS Styling tool, so you will technically be editing PHP files. If you prefer to manually edit the files you can find them in includes/styles. The CSS Styling Tool was designed to make it possible for you to change the design of your site without having to edit any code, however it is not necessary to purchase the tool to achieve the look you want. If you prefer to manually edit the files, the files have been named to make it easy for you to recognize which files you need to edit for each area of the page that you want to change. If you need help finding a particular class leave a comment with your question and it will be answered as soon as possible.

Examples of Styles you can change with the CSS Styling Tool

Page Background – you can change the color of the background, use a background image if desired, set the image repeat status, change the font color, font family etc

Page header logo/tagline – you can change the font size, font color, set a background color or image etc.

Page Search bar ( you can change the RSS and RSS comments links to whatever you prefer, example link to facebook link to twitter. Provide the URL to your own icons, change the background color, change the border color, change the font color, transform text…

Post area – main post area end post entry areas can be modified to add background color, image, border, change font color etc.

Featured category blocks – each block can be modified to add a background color or image, font color, change bullet style etc.

Footer – change background color, font color…

Purchasing the CSS Styling Tool

The Producer Theme’s CSS Styling Tool can be purchased using the Buy Now Button below:

Or you can visit either Products Page or Buy Products

What the difference between widgets and static mode?

Widgets/Static option only applies when running in magazine mode.

In widgets mode you get to drag the featured category sections where you want them the same way you drag widgets to your sidebar.  You can mix them up with your other widgets to make your site look how you want it. This is a great way to control your site’s design. You can select “No Sidebar” for the Index page in magazine mode and use the widgetized areas to mix up your widget content.

In static mode you are using the theme’s default design.

133 Responses to “Producer Theme”

  1. this is the theme I’ve been looking for so long. Excellent

  2. How do I access the css styling tool?

    Is there any menu “css styling tool”?

    Pardon my question as I am a newbie

    • Jose, the CSS Styling Tool is not included in the default package. It is something you have to purchase. If you need to modify the CSS but prefer not to purchase the CSS Styling tool you do so by editing the style files in includes/styles. If you need help with figuring out which file to edit to fix something specific please do let me know.

  3. How can I make the background fixed? (no-repeat fixed) That for my users see same image scrolling down log pages without breaking design.Where in CSS styles should I edit this. Many thanks!

    • Michael, assuming you are talking about the Producer theme and you not using the CSS Styling tool, in the file includes/styles/styles-body.php scroll to about line 597. At line 597 you should see the class for body. Inside that class you can add background-attachment: fixed; Let me know if that helps.

  4. Hi, I just purchased the css styling tool, now how will I get it?

  5. Hi, just started with WP and found your producer theme which looks very stylish and professional. One question: How do I change the page width? I only want to use one sidebar and have a lot of unused space left on both sides of the page. Thanks for your help.

    • Hi MichaEhl, the theme should be adjusting the width when you remove sidebars. I did notice it does not appear to be doing that so that is a bug as it is programmed to adjust itself when sidebars are removed. I am looking into why it’s not doing that and will release the fixed version as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime if you want to tackle it, the file you need to work with is styles-adjust-width-for-sidebar.php which is in includes/styles.

  6. Hi admin, thanks for your quick response. Is there an quick and easy way to change this in the editor? If not, I’d rather wait for the updated version …

    • MichaEhl, not right now. You can move around the sidebars but only as they relate to the currently available layouts, so you can’t activate a second sidebar on the homepage in magazine mode right now. You’ll need a layout that’s configured for two sidebars on homepage in magazine mode. You can have and move around two sidebars on other pages just not the magazine-mode-homepage as it is currently configured for 1 sidebar which can be moved left or right.

  7. Hello AntiSocial Media,

    I sent a previous request for help a couple days ago but haven’t heard from you as of yet,I am sure you are very busy, however I just came across one more question that I would like to add and then I am good to go.

    My original problem was that the “more tags” do not work on my producer theme. “When adding a new post after the first paragraph or so I click the icon for the more tag and then complete the article, publish, visit site and click on the line “Read the rest of this article” and nothing happens. I have tried all the post containers, even have logged out and tried it and I get nothing.” I still have not figured out the problem and I really like the theme alot.

    My new question was that I have been trying to change the font and font color on my post titles and I cannot figure that out. I tried plug ins and they don’t work. That is all I want to change. The font I want on the post titles is Old English Text MT in the color red that matches the theme. I host my site.

    Again, Thank you your theme is great. Have a great day. May God bless you all.

    Reverend Robert

    • Reverend Robert, the message was received and answered, but your automated vacation reply came back promising to forward the message to you. Perhaps a problem with the forwarder? Thank you for reporting the problems you’ve found. They are being checked and should be fixed shortly. Hopefully by Monday.

  8. Hi all,

    Awesome theme – I love Producer!
    I was integrating the WP-Forum plug-in, though, and ran into layout trouble when viewing the forum because of the three-column layout.

    I was hoping someone could give me a little direction on specifying that the right sidebar should not appear on certain pages (i.e. the forum).

    Thanks a lot!

  9. Great theme.

    I have a display issue: the image and list display correctly in Firefox but in Internet Explorer I have the list displaying under the image and the image caption displaying one word per line.

    Any suggestions?

    • Roxanne, just checked in latest version of IE but don’t see what you describe. Which version are you having the problem with?

  10. Hi Admin:

    I know on IE6 it is funky. I will have to go by client’s place and see what they are looking at.

  11. i have tried to change the background color, however, the background of the text is transparent- which means that it adopts the page background. how can i turn the color of the content area to just white?

    How can i also put a background on the menu/ navigation bar?

    • Hi Levi, you can purchase the CSS Styling tool ( and make these changes from your dashboard, or you can make the changes manually in the related files.

      For the body of the page the classes can be found in includes/styles/styles-body.php. They are the default styles so they are under the first set of styles and start at approximately line 597 with the declaration of the body class. You can change the color:#000000; to change the page body text, however that will only affect some of the content. The post content area classes can be found in includes/styles/styles-the-content. Again you need to edit the default classes which start at around line 399; and the featured content areas each have their own file styles-featuredx.php where x represents the numbers 1 – 10 and correspond with the featured content area you are wanting to edit. You can style these areas as well by looking for the default style settings which fall below the settings used by the CSS Styling Tool. The default settings are always preceded by <?php } else { ?>

      To change the background on the menu/navigation bar, go to includes/styles/styles-hmenu.php and look for #maincontainer .hmenu { in the default settings under <?php } else { ?> at around line 127

  12. Hi Admin:

    I saw the page the client was referring to in IE 7. It really was messed up. I will see about getting you a screen shot and access.


  13. hello..

    First off great theme….

    Problem im having in IE 7 the footer liftps up a couple seconds when the page loads and the sidebar disapears forever…only in IE. Tried everything please help

  14. Hi, I’m considering purchasing the CSS styling tool but I wonder if you have a demo or screen shot of what it looks like before I spend the $60. Is it similar to a dashboard where things are changed from there? I am completely CSS illiterate and am wondering if this would help me customize my site without going crazy! Thx in advance.

    • Lola, the CSS Styling Tool looks and works the same as your Producer Theme Options page. The only difference is that the options it allows you to modify all relate to the CSS Styles. You do not see any CSS code. You see a form with options that you fill in and hit save to update.

  15. Trying to preview 2.0 on my site and receiving the following error message…

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_BOOLEAN_AND, expecting ‘(‘ in …/wp-content/themes/Producer/functions.php on line 11

    Any advice?

  16. Hi,
    I did purchase the CSS styling tool and it works great! Thanks.
    Just a little question, when updating the Producer Theme from a previous version is the CSS styling tool going to work the same or is there a need to update it also?


    • John S, any updates to the Producer Theme will be noted so you’ll know when you need to update. You’ll receive an email about the update which will include the updated file.

  17. Hi,

    Great theme… Thanks… i have a question, i have the layout exactly as i want but cannot get rid of the ‘popular topics’ heading in the right column on all of my pages bar the Home page…
    Any help would be appreciated..

    • David, you can put your preferred widgets into Sidebar Other by going to Apperance->Widgets and it will automatically remove the Popular topics widget and replace with the ones you insert

  18. Can somebody tell me where to change the code for making the hyperlinks colours Blue?

  19. Hello, I wanted to change the red top to blue and also the header color to blue.

    I have looked through the style.css and I can’t seem to find where that color is located. Can you let me know.

    Thanks so much. This is one of the best themes out there. I do see that you may have a little bit of a problem with IE.

    • Nicole, the CSS Styling Tool allows you to do that from your admin. If you prefer to do it manually, you need to direct your attention to includes/styles/styles-rss-search-bar.php for changing the red top to blue. Look at around line 106/107 for

      #maincontainer .dtsa {

      For changing the header color to blue go to includes/styles/styles-logo-slogan.php and scroll to about line 147 to find

      #maincontainer .sitetitle .logo h1, #maincontainer .sitetitle .logo h1 a {

  20. Admin,

    I’m thinking about buying the CSS tool but only if it well allow me to change the color of the external hyperlinks. Will it do that?

    • Dave Budge, yes you can use the CSS Styling Tool to change the color of links. One change will not apply across the board however. There are different settings for different parts of the page. With the CSS Styling tool you can change the color of the link in the left sidebar, right sidebar and main content areas separately from each other. You can also change the color of the links in the horizontal menu and also in the row that holds the search box and rss links.

  21. I’ve been trying to download the latest version this morning, and I keep getting a “Page not found” error. I’ve tried downloading from the Produce theme page, the Producer theme post, the Producer 2.0 post, and the Download page, all with no luck.

  22. Still not working for me, I’m afraid. I cleared my cache just to be sure that wasn’t the problem. I’m getting a redirect to the following link:, and that’s where I get the Page Not Found.

    • Brian Angliss, sorry about that. It seems I’ve been uploading the latest version of the theme into the wrong folder so all this time it’s been missing indeed. Please try again, I think it should be working now.

  23. Admin, I was able to mod my htaccess to allow php 5 and I now have the Producer theme up and running live. Very Nice!!

  24. First off, I really like your theme. However, I just got your email about the upgrade to 2.1.8 and the new CSS sytling tool. Well, I got the styling tool upgraded with no problem, but when I upgrade Producer to 2.1.8, the link under Dashboard/Appearance for the CSS styling tool disappears. When I switch back to 2.1.7, it comes back.

    Help, please.

  25. Nevermind… The latest was installed under Producer while the previous was under producer. I failed to realized it was 2 different folders. I have it working now.

  26. New England Vegan

    Will there ever be some sort of general guide to using the theme? I’m curious because I went ahead and bought the CSS styling tool and so now I have a few dollars invested in trying to make this theme pan out for me, but the whole process is trial and error. I have a handle on using the CSS tool as most things are labeled quite nicely. It’s things like how to set up featured categories and exactly how to use widget mode and so on and on that are really annoying with no documentation.

    Please help.

  27. New England Vegan

    Why when I try and use the featured catagory does it say “this widget has no options” and then all I can do is close or delete it?

    • Why when I try and use the featured catagory does it say “this widget has no options” and then all I can do is close or delete it?

      Hi, this is because you set the options for each featured category from the theme options page. The widgets do not need additional options. Once you drag them to the “Home Column” where you want to place them you’ve done all you need to do there.

  28. New England Vegan

    What is meant by a “Home Column”?

    • Home Column One – Home Column Ten are the widget place holders for the home page. They will hold the content for your home page while in magazine widgets mode. It says Home Column to indicate they are for the home page. They are numbered one – ten to indicate which featured category they should ideally hold. When you drag a featured category widget to one of the Home Column widget placeholders it will show up in a specific place on your home page that is allotted for that featured category.

  29. New England Vegan

    The claim is that in widget mode you can drag things around the layout, where, where is this dragging taking place? I don’t see where this is possible.

    • The claim is that in widget mode you can drag things around the layout, where, where is this dragging taking place? I don’t see where this is possible.

      Hi New England Vegan, if you are familiar with dragging widgets to your sidebar, then the process of dragging widgets to the home page works the same way. You go to your dashboard and click Apperance, then click Widgets. You will see that there are some widgets named Featured Category 1, Featured Category 2 and so on. You will also see some wigets place holders named Home Column One, Home Column Two etc. The dragging takes place when you drag one of Featured Category 1 through Featured Category 10 to one of Home Column One through Home Column Ten.

  30. New England Vegan

    Thanks a bunch. If I can just figure out how to make something a featured category, I’d be feeling pretty good. Thanks again for getting back to me so soon. Sorry if I seemed “crabby” I’m just frustrated with the trial and error and this template seems like it has so great with so much to offer that I just want to jump in and get to it. My lack of patients is my own problem though.

    Thanks again.

  31. New England Vegan

    Thanks, it was the setting the options for each featured category from the THEME OPTIONS page that tripped me up.

    I appreciate your prompt answers.


    • New England Vegan, I’m glad you were able to sort it out. And do not worry, your frustrations are perfectly understandable. I will do my best to get the manual for the theme and the manual for the styling tool out as soon as possible. In the meantime please feel free to post your questions or contact me directly for assistance.

  32. My thanks for an excellent theme and the advanced capabilities available through the CSS styling tool. Both saved my butt this past week when my political news site crashed four days ago under the heavy resource demands of a Drupal installation that had become unmanageable. With a main database of 23,000 plus articles plus thousands of images and hundreds of videos plus more than 50 modules needed to make the site do what I wanted, the Drupal installation had grown to a 2GB MySQL files with 137 tables.

    When it crashed the logs showed that the resource load was too heavy even on a dedicated dual processor server with 4GB of memory, I used Lincoln Hawks superb tutorial at CMS Buzz to convert my Drupal database to WordPress and the move reduced the database from 137 tables to 11 and the size from 2GB to 101MB. The conversion process took about 90 minutes using Hawks’ SQL scrips.

    Then I looked around for a temporary WP Theme that would get the site back up and running and came across Producer. It offered what I needed for a news-style format and I had the site back on line in about four hours.

    While the tweaking the site, I found the code was well-written enough to consider using the theme permanently. I ordered the CSS styling tool and have spent the last 24 hours using it along with direct modifications to the CMS and PHP code to get the site back to where it was and how it looked with Drupal but without the resource overhead.

    My congratulations to your team for an excellent theme. The fact that it is open-source is incredible given the depth of options and the CSS styling tool saved me countless hours in tweaking the site. I plan to use both for work on other sites.

    Thank you. You folks saved me a lot of work and grief over the last four days.

    Doug Thompson
    Capitol Hill Blue

  33. New England Vegan

    I have now spent a good solid day working with Producer Theme and I have to say I’m impressed. I got off to a rocky start only because I think it’s such a powerful theme with so many options, I couldn’t get a foot hold to really figure out how to get started.

    This theme is so versatile, it’s really amazing. I bought the CSS Styling Tool which is worth every penny whether you’re familiar with coding or not. When you consider what you get for free with this theme paying a little for the CSS Styling Tool is still a great deal.

    Also when I was having a little trouble staring out and posted a few questions here they were answered right away. Great support.

    Thanks again.
    New England Vegan.

  34. Hello,

    I am resting the Producer theme, and have found the features most appropriate for a site I am creating. While in draft mode, I have temporilly saved all my files on a personal server, away from search eyes. I do not know how to code, but can usually understand the whys and wherefores of .php and .css.

    But after hours of searching the style sheet and header.php, I cannot seem to get ow to change the navigation bar from red to a certain blue shade I want. Where can I find the code? Do I have to purchase the CSS Styling Tool just for this particular item?

    The second item that confounds me is the margin on top of the page. I also can’t seem to find the item in the style sheet to remove the white space. My draft site is at

    Thank you for the assistance. I agree with many users that Producer is by far the most versatile of WP themes.


  35. I have been running Wp with the Producer theme for a couple of months, now. I was modifying the look (via the CSS tool) and all of a sudden, sidebar #2 started showing up under siderbar#1 on the left side of the screen. Sometimes, it is under siderbar#1 and sometimes it is under the post area. I am running 2.1.8 and if I switch back to 2.1.7 it lays out right.
    I did try to uno everything I did at the time it started messing up, but that didn’t help. I was playing around with different background colors for the sidebars and the features.

    Please help me get it back right. I hate to reset everything I have done, but will if I have to.

    Thanks for you help.

  36. Ok, I have it worked out. Turns out, when I enter the word ‘none’ into the “Post area Background Color.” setting of the “Post Area CSS Settings” section of the CSS Styling Tool, this causes sidebar#2 to relocate below either sidebar#1 or the post area. When I clear this out and leave it blank, itappears normal.

  37. I have magazine and widgets mode enabled and I am unable to control the length of the excerpts on any of the featured categories. I would like to have the full text for all featured categories. Is there any way of achieving this? Thanks.

  38. Under the Producer Options page in the Featured Categories section. When I click on the drop down list to set up Featured Category 1, none of my categories show up. It shows no options. Is there a designation I have to assign to the category when it is created?

    • Kyle, not sure what might be going on there but will be more than happy to take a look if you would like. Can’t really make suggestions without testing first to see what might be going on.

  39. Hi there!
    First of all, i’d like to thank you guys for the amazing Theme! It’s customization options are incredible!

    Then, i need some help. I am Brazilian and the page i’m building is meant for a particular city here in BR. Wht i need to know is how to translate the theme frontend. I mean, some words i found in the template files, but some like “Get news via RSS” for eq, i couldn’t find, could you help me?
    Thanks a lot!

  40. Got it!
    “Get news via RSS” is located in block_rss_search.php , in Producer/Includes/Blocks/
    Thanks again.

    BTW, any interess in a brazilian portuguese translation for your theme?

  41. Thank you Admin. It was something on my end. I reinstalled wordpress and everything is running smooth.

  42. Hi guys,
    Great theme! I am moving my blog ( over to My links, in the producer theme, go to “page not found” and a new post was also “not found”. What am I missing? A little background info: the shopping cart this blog is for had to point the IP address and then my host had to redirect it yet again. Also, my old blog is still up and running (until this one is dazzling) which means the same articles are on both — I don’t know if an of these things is having an effect. What do you think?


    • kyh, not sure what the cause is of the problems you’re having. Maybe try updating your permalinks to see if that helps.

  43. I’m trying to get my XAMPP development environment working with Producer 2.1.8, but the site doesn’t display when I switch from Default to Producer. I did a “view page source” and I’m getting the following error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting ‘,’ or ‘;’ in C:\xampp\htdocs\SandR\wp-content\themes\Producer\includes\styles\styles-hmenu.php on line 124

    • Brian, will take a look at this styles-hmenu.php error. Should be updating the version of Produver to 2.1.9 shortly.

  44. Update to my parse error problem – I reverted to 2.1.7 and now I can get Producer to work. When I try to upgrade to 2.1.8, I get the following error (again, using an XAMPP development environment):

    Downloading update from

    Unpacking the update.

    Incompatible archive PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

    • Brian Angliss, not sure what this problem relates too, but thanks for letting me know about it. How are you attempting the upgrade? If from the dashboard, any chance you can try manually to see if the same problem exists?

  45. When I try to install producer 2.1.8 using the WP system (WordPress 2.9.2 ) it fails

    with this error

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_BOOLEAN_AND, expecting ‘(‘ in /home/content/U/p/2/Up2uinfo/html/nz/wp-content/themes/producer/functions.php on line 12

    I have the producer on several other sites with same versions of producer and WP any ideas?

    • Alan, check your version of PHP. If you have less than version 5 producer will not work. It’s a PHP version issue, not a Produver/WP version.

  46. Hi.
    I have just tested your theme the producer, but when tried to upgrade to the latest producer .8 it didn’t work.using wap server, php 5.3
    I’m interested in using the theme I will be grateful if you could advice on this and:
    -having the logo on the right side, and the bullets before lines from right to left.

  47. How do I update my permalinks?

  48. I’m having the same problem using Producer 2.1.8 under WordPress 2.9.2. I see a blank page. The view-as-source window contains this error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ”’, expecting ‘,’ or ‘;’ in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 124

    My server is using PHP 5.x under Centos Linux.

    I tried updating permalinks with no result.

  49. That did it! Thanks so much!

    I appreciate the quick help.

  50. I feel stupid about this, but cannot find where to add text to the index page in magazine mode. Help me?

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