Photoshop Buttons

Made these buttons following the tutorial How to Create a Slick and Clean Button in Photoshop as written by Jacob Gube. Did sort of cut out of few steps to simplify the process and have only made a one-state button. If you like the buttons feel free to download and use them. The full button looks as shown below. The gallery images are cropped so click them to see the full-sized buttons.

I’ve included the PSD button in the Download Package
so you can play with it to create your buttons in your preferred colors. You could also just adjust the hue/saturation of the png buttons to make more colors.

Thanks to for the tutorial.

Technically these buttons were only adjusted in photoshop. The main button was designed in Illustrator following the tutorial found here. Our finished buttons aren’t as glossy and perfect looking as the ones on the tutorial site,  but they’re still usable and you can download and use them all in any way you see fit. They are pretty big buttons so you’ll need to re-size to suit your needs. The canvas size for each is 605 pixels by 299 pixels.


Download free photoshop glass buttons

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