Pea fonts are one of the most popular artistic font styles available today. Use this collection of free pea handwriting fonts and

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The GIMP brush, or .gbr, is one of the most famous open source image-editors and used for color as well as ordinary brushes. Download some of the best

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Cursive Tattoo Fonts are simple and highly popular among designers and artists. Here is a collection of the best pretty Cursive Tattoo Fonts that will help you get the curves spot on without fail! Save yourself the hassle of using fancy cursive font generators for tattoos, writing customized programs or downloading any font maker for the same.

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Download free arrow icons, available in JPEG, PNG and GIF formats. The collection consists of a wide variety of colorful up, down, right and left arrows that you can use freely. Right-click on any of the icons and choose “Save Target As” to download it.

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In Greek language, “Calligraphy” stands for beautiful writing. Calligraphy fonts truly stand for an aesthetic writing style that let readers derive pleasure from the exquisiteness of the typefaces. Here is a collection of free, high quality Calligraphy fonts that you may

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Spray paint fonts are similar to Stencil fonts and can be used in creating art for banners, Graffiti,

T-shirts, signs or logos. All you need is to spray the paint over the stencil you have already created and your image or writing can easily be transferred onto another surface resting against the stencil. Here are a handful of Spray paint fonts that you may print or download fast and for free to generate beautiful designs! Read Full Article

Gothic fonts are “Sans Serif” typefaces or fonts that are characterized by the absence of “Serifs” or cross strokes put at the ends of the primary strokes of a letter. These are relatively consistent in stroke weight. Highly reminiscent of the famous northern-French architecture popular in Europe from 12th-16th centuries, Gothic fonts are used by all those who want their typefaces to appear stylistically archaic.
Here is a collection of 101 beautiful gothic font styles that you can download fast and use for free.

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Here are some ribbons we designed following the tutorial Ribbon Image Design – Photoshop Graphic Design Tutorial 5.

The tutorial was fairly easy to follow if you prefer to try to design your own and want to start with something simple. We designed the ribbons for use with the featured showcase slider used in the theme Showcase Blue.

The dowload package includes a copy of the ribbon in 6 colors along with the PSD file. You can modify the PSD file to suit your needs and create additional colors.

Download Ribbons

Feel free to download our lipstick icons if you like them. They are by no means the sexiest lipstick icons ever designed. We designed them in Illustrator after learning some tracing techniques. Yes, we know there’s lots of room for improvement.

There are only three lipstick icons in this pack. You can make more in Photoshop by playing with the Hue & Saturation tool in colorize mode. If you want to create more lipstick colors use the lasso tool to create a selection around the lipstick itself then go to Image->Adjustments->Hue/Saturation, check the colorize checkbox and create your colors.

Click here to download the lipstick files

Made these buttons following the tutorial How to Create a Slick and Clean Button in Photoshop as written by Jacob Gube. Did sort of cut out of few steps to simplify the process and have only made a one-state button. If you like the buttons feel free to download and use them. The full button looks as shown below. The gallery images are cropped so click them to see the full-sized buttons.

I’ve included the PSD button in the Download Package
so you can play with it to create your buttons in your preferred colors. You could also just adjust the hue/saturation of the png buttons to make more colors.

Thanks to for the tutorial.

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