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It’s been a long wait and your patience is greatly appreciated but the CSS Styling Tool for Antisnews will be available in version 1.4 of Antisnews which is on schedule to be released by Friday March 19th. The styling tool will allow you to control your font colors, background colors, and a variety of other styling elements including:

  1. Ability to set background color for page
  2. Ability to set background color for blog title section
  3. Ability to control font size, color, transformation (lowercase, uppercase), link hover color of blog title
  4. Ability to control color, transformation, style(italics,normal,oblique), weight(normal,bold etc.), size of tagline
  5. Ability to control background color of navigation menu
  6. Ability to control font size, color, transformation, weight of navigation menu links
  7. Ability to control background/font colors for navigation drop down items
  8. Ability to control background/font for breaking news bar
  9. Ability to control background/links/bullets for each featured section
  10. Ability to control H1,H2,H3,H4,H5.H6 font color/weight/style

The above is only a small list of the style changes you will be able to make with the Antisnews CSS Styling Tool.

The version 1.4 update will also contain a number of structural improvements to the theme. If you are using the theme and have changes you would like to see made please post to the Antisnews discussion thread or reply to this post.

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If you are using WP Amazon Instastore and getting fewer products imported than you would like, the best way to handle imports in order to maximize the number of products you get back is to use more specific keywords when importing one keyword at a time or multiple keywords specific to the general term for which you want to import product data.

An example of  the most ideal way to import arts & photography related books.

1. Compile a list of general terms (below list compiled from amazon Arts & Photography sub categories)

  • Architecture
  • Design & Decorative Arts
  • Drawing
  • Fashion
  • History & Criticism
  • Instructional & How-To
  • Museums & Collections
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Reference
  • Schools, Periods & Styles
  • Sculpture

2. Create a list of keywords for each general term (might help to look in the related section on Include some form of the general term in all keyword phrases)


  • Architects, A-Z
  • Architectural Standards
  • Architecture Building Types & Styles
  • Architecture Criticism
  • Drawing & Modelling architecture
  • Historic Preservation architecture
  • History & Periods architecture
  • Interior Design architecture
  • International architecture
  • Landscape architecture
  • Architecture Materials
  • Project Planning & Management architecture
  • Architecture Reference
  • Architecture Study & Teaching
  • Architecture Urban & Land Use Planning

Design & Decorative Arts

  • Decorative Arts
  • Furniture Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Textile & Costume design

3. Build keyword string from keywords

Architecture keyword string

[ Architects A-Z,Architectural Standards,Architecture Building Types & Styles,Architecture Criticism,Drawing & Modelling architecture,Historic Preservation architecture,History & Periods architecture,Interior Design architecture,International architecture,Landscape architecture,Architecture Materials,Project Planning & Management architecture,Architecture Reference,Architecture Study & Teaching,Architecture Urban & Land Use Planning ]

Design & Decorative Arts keyword string

[ Decorative Arts,Furniture Design,Graphic Design,Textile & Costume design ]

The idea is to build a keyword string for each general term, so you should have 12 sets of keyword strings based on the list of general terms above. Depending on your keywords, a list such as the one above should be good for 500 – 1000 product imports

You could do your imports using the keyword strings or you could do the imports on a keyword by keyword basis. The string import is obviously faster, but the keyword by keyword import tends to return a few more results than the string import.

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Hi Admin,

In the demo version of the Antisnews Theme both pages’ and posts’ narrow sidebars contain such widgets as Categories and Links.  But in my purchased copy of the theme these sidebars contain Pages and a couple of other widgets which I don’t need there. It doesn’t make any sense because you can see all the pages in horizontal menu but you can’t see categories anywhere except for index page.

The problem is that this uncomfortable situation doesn’t improve whatever you do in the WP’s widgets menu. All my attempts to put Categories and Links widgets into the SidebarNarrow has failed.

Please advise or send me a correct version of the theme.

Thank you.

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