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If you are using one of our themes and getting a fatal error message: Call to undefined function is_sticky():

Cause: You are using a version of WordPress that pre-dates sticky posts. Sticky posts are post that you stick to the front of your page so they are always on the front for as long as they stay sticky no matter how many new posts you add.

Solution: Upgrade to the latest version of WordPress or at least to Version 2.7. Versions earlier than 2.7 do not support sticky posts.

Have you installed one of our WordPress theme and now getting a PHP error stating: Call to undefined function post_password_required()?

Cause: You are probably using a version of WordPress that is less than version 2.7.

Solution: Upgrade your WordPress version to at least 2.7.

hello everybody,

is there a way to change the image chosen to form a thumbnail for a post?

i’ve noticed that newsmagazine theme always chooses the last image of a post to make the preview thumbnail in the magazine frontpage.

i’d need it to use the first…

how/where should i operate?


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