In our days to see swirl graphics is a very common thing. You can create swirl backgrounds with some brushes or vectors, but if you want something unique and custom you must deep search on the internet and find swirl images for inspiration and some swirl resources.

(swirl art by

Here is a collection of some basic swirl backgrounds which include swirls designs and brushes in a variety of colors like pink, black, blue purple, green, golden and more. We have also listed some floral swirls and stars graphics for inspiration as well. Before you start a website you should decide what swirl designs are best for the look and feel of your site.

To Download the swirls brushes and graphics -> please click on the images.

Swirl Graphics/Art

Floral Swirls

by szuia

by shadow963

by SugarBreezy

Pink Swirls

by Itsmylove

by cd7grrl97

by Fitheach Stock

Blue Swirls

by reno-fan-girl

by Bozack

by DesiRocker

Black Swirls

We were not able to find the graphic files on the internet for black swirls, however I have posted the images below in (jpeg format) for your designing inspiration.

by gimini_02

Purple Swirls

by papier_puppe

by saddy

Swirls Backgrounds

(Only jpeg’s available for inspiration)

Gold Swirls

No available resources, just images for inspiration: You can find Golden Swirls images here, here, here and here.

A successful design can be enough to sell a product, still the key to success is by listening to what their customers have to say about their experience on your site.  Today many companies use online surveys software to make the process quick and easy, the software also help them plan the next step in their marketing strategy. You may find that most users prefer a swirl design over lines or circles, a survey is the best way to find out.

Do let us know what you think of this post in your comments below. If you got some good swirls brushes, backgrounds or graphics do let us know. We would feature it here.

by szuia

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